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Who is Marcel Robinson? Well, in short…I’m a sports junkie from a small town in SE Georgia who loves to tell stories through the lens of a camera. I love taking pictures of practically everything! My motto is “If I see it, I’ll shoot it”. Well…except for sharks. I’ll pass on that.

When I picked up my first camera, I instantly fell in love with what images can say about a person, place or thing. After all, they say a picture can tell a thousand words, right?

In terms of what I do; I am currently a Sports Photographer/Reporter for Action News Jax, the CBS/FOX affiliate in Jacksonville, Florida. I help produce a variety of the locally-produced TV Shows and Sportscasts that we prepare on a Weekly Basis.

We are the Official Television Station of the Jacksonville Jaguars, so at any point in the week you may catch me sideline or court side of a local sporting event or manning live shots for any of our many programs.

We travel around the country for major sporting events including The Masters, The NFL Draft & Super Bowl, but we won’t hesitate to make a trip out-of-state to find a story to bring back to our viewing audience.

GTR Show - Featured ImageI started a project a few years ago to spotlight the talents of local athletes. We let them “Talk the Talk” then “Walk The Walk” with competitions, instructional videos and an inside look at what it takes to get them…wait for it…Game Time Ready.


Basically I’m a photographer that LOVES to shoot…That’s a requirement, right? Athough the majority of my work comes in the sports arena, I love shooting just about everything else as well. If you’re a frequent listener to the “Action Sports Jax” program on ESPN690, you may have heard my voice and the many shots I take for potentially caring too much about my style… Not Sorry. From Radio shows to birthday parties to workout classes. You name it, I’ve shot it… Except for those live sharks, of course!

If you’re interested in making some magic together, give me a shout! I can be reached by email at marcel.robinson81@gmail.com. Just be sure to leave me a few details in the Subject line. And most of all, if you see me out and about SAY HEY…I love talking to and meeting new people.

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