Jacksonville University’s most dangerous weapon on the Lacrosse field is anything but home grown …Dakota Rohlin a product of CALIFORNIA!. We find out why and how he went from West Coast Roller to East Coast Scorer.



Who is the California Kid?
DR 004 - INTERVIEW Feature Image
Dakota Rohlin is an outstanding midfielder for the Jacksonville University Dolphins. He’s playing here on the East Coast but he’s from California…Why and how did he get here?





DR 004 - TMHTS Feature ImageTeach Me How To Shoot
Now that we know WHO he is and WHAT he does, can he turn me into a Lacrosse Superstar?Jacksonville University’s Star Midfielder does his best to show Marcel how to score a lacrosse goal.



Let’s Play A Little Game Called…F.I.N.

Now what what makes him tick , let’s put to the test in a little game we call “FIN”