Quarterback Eli Peters left Sandalwood High School as one of the best quarterback prospects in the country. Before he headed north to the University of Illinois, he joined us for a little chat and some fun.




The Interview:
Why Illinois? What does Eli think of his scout ranking and why he loves playing quarterback? Get to know the man under the mask:

Eli Still

Time To Walk The Walk:
Now we really get to see what he’s got! we’re going to have a little bit of a competition between Eli, his QB coach Denny Thompson of 904 Preps.com and Marcel. We set up a trash can about 20 yards away to see who could drop it in first.




Quiet on the SET!
Sanders Elite Training Performance (Also known as SET Perfomance) is a sports science facility that pretty much customizes programs based off of individuals needs. The Founder Jerrian breaks it all down for us