GTR: Quarterback Camp with Eli Peters

Quarterback Eli Peters left Sandalwood High School as one of the best quarterback prospects in the country. Before he headed north to the University of Illinois, he joined us for a little chat and some fun.




The Interview:
Why Illinois? What does Eli think of his scout ranking and why he loves playing quarterback? Get to know the man under the mask:

Eli Still

Time To Walk The Walk:
Now we really get to see what he’s got! we’re going to have a little bit of a competition between Eli, his QB coach Denny Thompson of 904 and Marcel. We set up a trash can about 20 yards away to see who could drop it in first.




Quiet on the SET!
Sanders Elite Training Performance (Also known as SET Perfomance) is a sports science facility that pretty much customizes programs based off of individuals needs. The Founder Jerrian breaks it all down for us